JCPS Library Card Outreach Program for Grades 8-12

The Jersey City Public Schools has partnered with the Jersey City Public Library to create an
outreach program to provide students the opportunity to either obtain a library card or renew
their library card. Please give this google form link to parents/ guardians, so parents can
decide if they would like to give their permission and the information needed for their child
to either update or receive a card. Library cards are renewed every three years to remain
activated. In addition, if a student has had a fine in the past or did not return a book,
those fines and book returns will be waived.

The google form will populate the information that the Public Library needs to issue the card.
Then, the Public Library will distribute students’ cards to the students in your school during

A library card can also give students access to the online ebook and audiobook app,
HOOPLA, where students can check out books and read them on their phone or electronic
device. In addition, there will be some novel choices on the High School Summer reading list
that can be obtained at a library location in Jersey City or on Hoopla.

Link to the online library card application

HOOPLA Information

Please place the library card application flyer on your website. Library Card Initiative Flyer
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Erika Schulz, Language Arts
Supervisor, at [email protected].